Sept 2023 – No Cost For Patient Portal

Fall is a time of transitions: kids back to school; a cool down in weather; and here at Catalyst Kinetics Medical, it has meant transition to a new electronic medical record! 


A huge thank you to the patients who jumped aboard MYLE and established new portals. Just a few things to share:

  • Despite the initial email suggesting there may be a cost to patients (some clinics choose to do this), we will NOT be charging patients to use the extra features from the portal, nor will we ever
  • Children/dependent family members must be linked to your portal ID by staff members. This is a security feature to ensure that random people can’t link to your portal! Please contact the clinic to have us link your dependents under your account. Please book appointments for your dependents under their name, not the responsible adult’s name.
  • At the age of 14 and beyond, teenagers will be able to have their own portal ID, if they so choose. 
  • For any patients above the age of 14 who wish to have their account managed by another adult person in the clinic, please call the clinic at 604-330-6772 to give us your consent to be linked. We do need to have verbal consent given, an email isn’t secure enough. 
  • Please be advised a separate email address is required for every person who wishes to have their own individual MYLE Portal account
  • For better security and ease, lab reqs, x-ray reqs, etc. will be sent via the portal so PLEASE check MYLE emails since there is likely an actionable task on your end.
  • Please do not wait until you need the portal to sign up. Administrative staff need to approve your requests so you won’t have access to appointments immediately.
  • If you see an email come in that seems like just an appointment reminder, it actually may be a prompt for you to confirm or cancel your appointment. Please confirm all appointments you intend to come to, otherwise, staff may be calling you to double-check that you will be coming. Failure to respond may result in your appointment being cancelled.
  • We will be able to see who has opened their portal messages, documents and reqs and who has not. So in the coming months, we will be following up with patients who are overdue for lab work!
  • Video calls are available through MYLE! You do not need to have a portal account to do a video call with Dr.Ali. You will get an email 15 minutes prior to your appointment with a link to your waiting room if you book a video call. 
  • An app is in development and on the way soon!
  • All the information gathered for the portal is not shared with any 3rd parties including MYLE–it is used simply for the clinic (an advantage over our previous EMR/My HealthAccess app). 

For any patients who have not signed up for the portal, you can do so at the following link:

You can also find a handy user guide there!

Updating Contact Information:

Text message reminders for appointments are on the way! Please contact the clinic to confirm your current phone number(s), email address(es), and home address. Text message notifications can only be sent to cell phones, so please indicate the type of phone when confirming your information. 

Covid Testing:

Please do a Covid test at home before coming into the clinic with cough or cold symptoms to protect staff and other patients. If you are Covid positive and unwell, please call and we will make arrangements to see you safely in the clinic. Remember Covid tests are free at your local pharmacy. 

Vaccine Updates:

Dr. Ali has received many questions about the RSV and Covid vaccines. Public health has not shared any information with physicians about the availability and eligible populations for either of these vaccines. She suspects that RSV will be targeted towards high-risk populations including pregnant women, children under the age of 5, and seniors. When we know more, we will update you via our next email newsletter.

Covid vaccines will be updated for the latest variants and most likely will be available again via pharmacies. She does not anticipate the clinic receiving these. 

Flu vaccines are always recommended and we will be administering those in the clinic as always. Our annual evening flu clinic will likely happen in early November. Families who have attended in previous years will be automatically placed on our call list for appointments and the nasal flu mist option saved for children. If you would like to be placed on our call list, please contact the clinic via email or phone call. 

Medical Students:

Back to school means the return of medical students to Catalyst Kinetics medical too! We have three keen students who will be rotating through the clinic in the coming months. Appointments can take a bit longer with them since they are learning, so if you prefer to NOT speak to them or if you are on a tight schedule, please let staff know and we will accommodate your preferences. We sincerely appreciate your patience and openness to learners! The only way we can increase the number of family physicians is by nurturing medical students and exposing them to wonderful family practices like Dr. Ali’s! 

CKM Clinic Updates:

As a reminder, Dr.Ali does require appointments for prescription refills, so please keep track of your medication refills. In the case where you are completely out of a prescription and are unable to make an appointment, please ask your pharmacist for an emergency refill until you can have an appointment.

Dr. Ali has saved portions of her day for same-day urgent appointments. Please check the patient portal to book an emergency appointment if necessary. You can also call the clinic to book an urgent appointment. If anything urgent arises while there are no physicians in the clinic, please proceed to a walk-in clinic or your nearest emergency department. Please allow 1-2 business days for responses to messages before attempting to contact us again. Email messages will be the best method of contacting the clinic. Our email is  Again, please DO NOT leave urgent voicemail messages as they may not be answered the same day.

Updated Clinic Hours:


October 2–Truth & Reconciliation Day in lieu–Clinic Closed.

October 3, 4 – Dr. Ali out of office for meetings

October 9 – Thanksgiving

October 24 – Dr.Ali away for meetings

November –

November 1 – Dr. Ali out of office for meetings