Aug 2023 – New EMR – MYLE Transition

Dear loyal patient,

As mentioned in our previous newsletter (this email is NOT spam!), Catalyst Kinetics Medical will be changing electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Dr. Ali is excited to invite you to register on our new Patient-Portal for the new EMR that she is switching to. It’s called MYLE which stands for Make Your Life Easier. It’s a home-grown software company from Quebec (all your data remains secure in Canada), and she is hoping that it will make all of our lives easier. 

As this EMR is not at all related to My Health Access, you will need to set up a new account for the new Patient-Portal (we know–this is the last thing you want!). There is a link to a handy user guide when you go to register for the portal. This registration will allow you to schedule and cancel your appointments online, just like My Health Access did. You can also have your video calls with Dr.Ali through the Patient-Portal. There currently is not an app for this new Patient-Portal, but it is in the works. For now, you can access the Patient-Portal from the website listed below. We would recommend bookmarking this webpage to have it readily available when you need it.

This Patient-Portal will make it easier for us to communicate with you, for example, to forward test results or to follow-up on requests.  No more lost lab reqs in your email junk folder: you will be able to find it in one spot! Please note that communications through the Patient-Portal are one-way, you will not be able to send messages to us through the portal at this time. It allows you to confirm, cancel or book an appointment. For all other requests, you will continue to communicate with the clinic by email or phone just like we do now.

Phone: 604-385-0088


By registering on the Patient-Portal, you agree to the following conditions:

  • IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, DIAL 9-1-1 OR dial 8-1-1 for urgent medical advice.
  • You may cancel your appointment up to 12 hours before the scheduled date. Cancellations after that period (and no-shows) may be billed $50. Please let the clinic know of any extenuating circumstances–we are very understanding of emergencies!

To register on the Patient-Portal follow this link:

At all times, Catalyst Kinetics Medical reserves the right to remove your access to the Patient-Portal if it is not used appropriately.

As the team gets used to the new system, there may be some delays at times and phone lines may be more busy: we thank you for your patience in advance!

Please be advised that the clinic’s My Health Access will be shut down on August 15. Please make any appointments before this date. Appointments made via My Health Access on or before August 15 will be transferred over, so you won’t lose your appointment. The clinic will be closed from August 16 to August 18 for data transfer and training.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Dr. Tahmeena Ali and staff