Catalyst Kinetics Medical Group

Medical Services

What to Expect for Your Visit:

  • Due to Covid, all visits are virtual (telephone or videoconference) unless instructed by your physician (for example, well baby check with immunizations, newborn checks, some pre-natal visits, ear flushing, wart treatments, etc).
  • Include details for the reason for your visit so that we can obtain the necessary information in advance (such as recent imaging reports, walk-in clinic visit, etc).
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment so we can ensure your contact information is up-to-date and to prepare for your visit (such as BP check, urine dip, etc).
  • Advise the physician of ALL the issues you hope to discuss or things needed (prescriptions, notes, form completion, etc) at the start of the visit so we can use your appointment time appropriately. If there is not adequate time for all your concerns, another appointment may be needed.

Uninsured Services

  • Many forms and some procedures (for example, some wart removals) are not covered by MSP and there will be a fee.
  • If you are unable to afford the fees, please speak to your provider to discuss alternate arrangements. 

Catalyst Kinetics Medical Uninsured Services Fees
Not Listed In The Above Linked PDF

(based on BCFD recommended rates 2022)

  • Insurance Company (disability/travel/time off) – $164
  • Insurance Company (disability/travel/time off) – $215
  • Income Tax Disability – long form – $215
  • Income Tax Disability – short form – $164
  • Handi-dart Application – $48.25
  • School/Work time off – $48.25
  • Handwritten note / letter – $48.25
  • Parking form – $48.25
  • Transfer of Records – basic fee $50 if needed with USB $60
  • Driver’s Medical Examination Report – $226 (ICBC may pay a portion of this form)
  • Liquid Nitrogen – for cosmetic $100.60
  • Missed or No-Showed Appointments – $50
  • Complete examination – $183
  • Covid Travel Letter – $48.25
  • Physio/massage/podiatrist referral note—$48.25

Working together does not simply imply we share the same address.

Being dedicated to this non-traditional team approach means breaking down barriers between professions. Each member of Catalyst Kinetics has extensive experience in our professions, and we formed our health clinic and training programs based on a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of our disciplines.

Want to become one of us? We would be more than happy to see you in our team.