February 2022 – CKM News Update

Appointment Updates:

Due to the rise in Covid cases, we will no longer be able to accommodate in person visits unless approved prior by Dr. Ali. Unless otherwise approved by Dr. Ali (except for well child exams with immunizations, newborn check ups, pre-natals, Pap smears), all appointments are virtual (via videoconference or telephone). If you require a physical examination, our reception staff or Dr. Ali will advise you how to proceed. In an effort to minimize contact, we ask that the patient attend the in person appointment alone or with only one parent. 

Please remember: DO NOT come to the clinic if you have any Covid-like symptoms (fatigue, chills, sore throat, stuffy nose, nausea, diarrhea, cough, etc). If you are Covid positive, please advise us, and we will advise you further. If you are feeling extremely unwell, proceed to the nearest emergency room. ( 

If you are unsure if you need a Covid test, check out the updated online self-assessment tool:

Dr. Ali will have 2nd year UBC medical students working with her in the coming weeks. We are excited to help educate the next generation of physicians and appreciate your support with their education! If you prefer not to see or speak to the medical student (for virtual appointments), let us know and we will flag that for your visit. 

Emergency Appointments:

If you are experiencing any shortness of breath, chest pain or urgent care do not call the clinic OR book an online appointment–proceed to your nearest emergency room. We try our best to return any inquiries within 24-48 hrs but note that we are limited to the hours we are in the clinic. 


Please note that we do not address medical concerns via email or voicemail, for example, sending a picture of a rash and asking Dr. Ali’s opinion. You must make an appointment with Dr. Ali for any medical advice. However, we appreciate using email to send forms back and forth, send photos of rashes, etc in advance of appointments, and other general inquiries.

Holiday Hours Update:

February 21st – BC Family Day
March 14th – 27th – Spring Break

We will be closed/have reduced hours during the above days, please ensure all prescription refills are requested prior to these dates.

Parking Updates:

Now as the snow begins to clear, please be mindful of parking in the spots in front of our clinic. The spots in front of the “Bentley’s Retreat” are reserved for their customers. If you are unsure of where to park please contact our reception staff and we can point you in the right direction.

CKG Updates:

As we have been all waiting for: our Catalyst Kinetics multi-disciplinary clinic is starting to open up their practices next door! We are excited to welcome Cody Wilson, RMT who will be starting Feb 14, 2022.

Cody attended school at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and graduated in 2015 and has worked full time upon certification. Since then he has taken several different courses including MET, IASTM, and Advanced Anatomy & Movement Therapies.

Cody sees a wide variety of patients including sports injuries, postural dysfunction, as well as motor vehicle accidents. He tries to incorporate some form of relaxation into each treatment as he finds that is when the body is more able to heal.

In his spare time Cody plays on a hockey team in North Vancouver and remains fairly active doing hikes with his wife and dog. In addition he is expecting his first daughter in July!