Covid Mask

Covid Precautions!

As our numbers of Covid cases continue to rise in the Fraser Region, I want to keep all of us safe. I work in the hospital, my children attend school, and I live with an elderly parent–all reasons for me to minimize my risk to Covid and minimize spreading it to my patients.

All appointments unless approved by myself (Dr. Ali), are virtual (phone or video) until further notice. Many issues can be handled entirely over the phone or video. If I need to see you in person for a procedure or a physical exam, that will be arranged in a timely manner. Also, by asking most of the questions in advance, it minimizes your time in the clinic which keeps things safer for all of us.

Dr. Bonnie Henry has also mandated that all patients in medical facilities, including clinics, must wear medical-grade masks. If you have one, wear it. If you don’t, not to worry, we have ones that we can supply you.

Thanks for all your hard work in keeping everyone safe through these difficult times.

Dr. Tahmeena Ali MD

Medical Director  •  Catalyst Kinetics Group